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02 May 2009 @ 10:11 pm
Do you like to plan everything out or do you prefer to be spontaneous?
I like to plan everything out. I get mad if one thing goes wrong.
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17 April 2009 @ 02:01 pm

Hi! Sorry I haven't been on in such a long time! Ugh. I REALLY don't like school. Anyway, I'm into writing poems now, so, here ya go! WARNING: I almost cried while writing this and after reading it!

Broken Heart

You broke my heart
You tore it in two

Of course,
How could've you
Have known
That I loved

You broke my heart
You tore it in two

And so now I
Don't have feelings
For you anymore

Not since you walked
Through the door
And told me,

All I have to
Ask is,

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29 August 2008 @ 05:04 pm
Yes! It's FINALLY the weekend!! No school!! And no school on Monday 'cause it's Labor Day!! WHOO-HOO!! ..Sorry. I guess I'm overly excited. LOL.

Well, I've got nothing else to say, sooo...

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16 August 2008 @ 03:13 am
Ugh. School starts back up for me on Monday. *sneaks into iCarly set and steals Sam's sound-recorded remote* Boooooooooooooooooooo!!! LOL. Ugh.  I hate school. But, there IS an upside to this: I'M A JUNIOR THIS YEAR!! After this year, next year I'll be aSenior, and then after that it's bye-bye high school!! Whoo-hoo!!!!! But, still. This SUCKS. I HATE going back to school. Seriously. Where'd the summer go? Why did it end so fast?? :(  LOL. :)
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08 August 2008 @ 10:10 am
Hi, all!! I'm bored, tired (and I don't really wanna go to bed yet!), and I have fics on ff.net that I SHOULD be updating but too lazy and uninspired to do so, so I thought I'd type out a list of things I can't wait for. So, here they are!!

1) The new "Drake & Josh" movie
2)  High School Musical 3
3)  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie
4) School

Yes, and in that exact order. LOL.
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25 July 2008 @ 04:25 pm
So, summer vacation's almost over for me, which means I gotta make the most of my summer fun. I'm gonna be gone tomorrow and Sunday to Tampa, FL to a water park with my family. I can't wait! =) 
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09 July 2008 @ 07:14 pm
 Ugh. I am seriously so bored right now!! :( And what's worse is that I have a few fics I should be working on but don't really want to, 'cuz I'm just that lazy. LOL!! :D Anyway, have you ever felt that way?? Like, you have a MILLION things to do, but just don't have the energy or drive to do it? Yeah, that's me right now. :D
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INTRODUCTION: Hello, my LJ peeps!! Welcome to my "High School Musical" ficlet "The Story Of Us"! Now,
before I begin, let me just first say that I had this idea WAY before they announced the new HSM 3, and after the second movie. I also, in no way/shape/form, do not own "High School Musical". Okay, now that that's out of the way, let me just tell you now that if you DO NOT favor nor condone to incest/twincest, I then strongly suggest that you DO NOT AT ALL READ THIS STORY!! Okay, I think I've said all I needed to,
so why don't we just go ahead and skip on to the story, hmmm?? Oh!! I almost forgot this one VERY IMPORTANT thing: this is ENTIRELY in Ryan's point of view. Oh, I don't know! I might just do his AND Shar's POV's. We'll see. Well, sit back, relax, and.. ENJOY!!


I sat back in my bright yellow chaise with my legs crossed at the ankles. My eyes were blocked from the sun's harmful glare by my sunglasses. My salmon-colored hat sat just barely askew on top of my head - exactly the way I always liked to wear all of my hats, but my dad hates it when I wear them like that - hence why he always tries to "fix" them back on my head properly, or tells me to do it.

I held an old copy of Pride and Prejudice in one hand that used to belong to my mother before she gave it to me, and an iced tea imported from England in my other. We - the Wildcats and I, that is - were lounging by the pool. Well, the girls and I were, anyway, Troy and the other guys were too busy playing Freeze Tag in the pool. I had asked Shar if she wanted to join us, but she kindly declined, saying that she didn't want to mingle with a bunch of Wildcat dishwashers - newly-appointed friends or not. So, she took the car we shared home with her and commented that she'll be around again to pick me up later.

I jumped slightly when Chad Danforth yelled over to me. "Hey, Evans! Wanna come in?"

I shook my head. "Nah. You guys go on ahead and have fun. Maybe later."

"Aw, c'mon, Evans! Come on in, just for a quick swim!," Chad goaded me. "And besides," he added, "If you don't now, you won't be able to later. The sun's goin' down!"

Indeed it was. The sun was setting in my line of view, reflecting on to the pool's water, giving it a romantic glow in a assortment of vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and yellow.  Strangely enough, the sun setting had always reminded me of Sharpay, well, the non-glittery, less-demanding, more-polite Sharpay, anyway. Yes,
Sharpay does in fact have another side to her. A sweeter, kinder, gentler side that she only allowed me and our family to see. Just like the sunset, Sharpay gives off this warm, inviting feeling to everyone whenever she walks into a room in our three-story Victorian-styled mansion that sat on a hill just down the road from the Lava Springs country club.

Okay - let me pause here a second for you. Yes - I can see that you are very confused. You're probably staring at your computer screen, asking yourself: Why is Ryan talking about his slight maniac, over-powering, ditzy, glitter-wearing, Troy-obssessed twin sister like that? And why is he comparing her to the sun?

Well, you see - ...It's kinda hard and embarrassing to explain, really, so why don't I just start from the begnning with a flashback?



You see, this all started all the way back to the ninth grade - our Freshman year at East High. Troy Bolton
was the kinda guy he still is now - sporty, athletic, girl-magnet, karaoke king, and straight-A student. 

He was - and still is, mind you - the guy other guys wanted to be, and the guy who all the girls wanted to date.  And yes, even the ones who already had boyfriends!

Well, *ahem* - anyway!  He and my sister have been dating since the sixth grade. Now, I know what you're thinking by this point - Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans?! Together?! How did THAT happen?! And what about the Status Quo?! And how did you come to accept their relationship?!

Yeah, this all does sound pretty crazy, doesn't it? Well, believe me when I say - it was! It was SO crazy, but everyone seemed to've accepted their relationship with open arms - figuratively and literally. Everyone except me, that is.

See, back then, there were no such thing as the "Status Quo" yet, and no such Einstein-ette such as Gabriella Montez, either, we were all friends. Me, the Wildcats, and Sharpay. Shar and I weren't quite yet into Drama, therefore, we weren't Darbus's co-presidents of the Drama Club.  I can't recall who was at the time, but I think it was Alan and Kelsi. Anyway, getting back on to the main topic of this flashback. I wasn't used to seeing Sharpay with someone other than me, or smiling brightly to someone who wasn't me. So,
I became jealous.

Now, mind you, I wasn't the type at all to show that I was jealous, so I kept it to myself. Well, at the time, anyway. Uh- I'll explain more of that later. 

I was jealous that Shar was using the free-time she spent on me now with Troy, and completely disregarding the fact that she ever even had a twin brother to begin with - and that hurt me. In fact, it had started to hurt me so much, it had then affected my grades as well. Instead of being the second (Shar then being the first, of course) outstanding student to get good grades all year, I got knocked down to being the second "outstanding" student to get F's - Jason Cross being the first.

Ms. Darbus was concerned and had a teacher-parent meeting scheduled for that Friday. Great, I thought. Mom and Dad are SO not gonna be happy about this!

Or... so I thought.

They were actually very understanding, to my shock. Weird. I had thought that they would be yelling in French at me by now! Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that the summer before, our parents took us to France for
a family getaway. While there, they had Shar and I actually learn how to speak French! Not the curse words,
though. Sharpay and I found that out ourselves through a French-English translating dictionary. Needless to say, our parents never found out and to this day, they STILL don't know!

Anyway, when we got home from a long, unbearing silent car ride after the meeting, they asked me to meet
them in the spacious room next to the living room, the family room. We have family meetings there when one of us needs to discuss weekend or summer plans, but it was just mostly used to discuss me and Shar's allowance. Like, how much we should have, and just how we're going to spend or save it.

So, anyway, when I get to the family room, I notice that Mom and Dad weren't there. Which means they were probably in their room discussing which punishment I should have, or if I should even have a punish-
ment. Great. That means I'm probably going to be sitting here for quite a while, and I was getting bored, fast. Oh, well. There was nothing I could do anyway. The TV was in the living room, and I was to sit there 'til my parents came out. Sharpay was out on a date with Troy, and I didn't know where everyone else was. 
Probably wherever Troy took Sharpay. A movie. Or a resturaunt. Maybe both.

"Ryan!," I heard my parents call my name as they came into the room. I forced a fake smile on, topped with a fake-cheery,"Hi, Mom! Hey, Dad!"  I knew that the worst was coming. It just had to be!

Being the twin closest to our mother, I knew she knew that my cheeriness was a total act. Dad, of course,
was completely oblivious to it. "Ducky."  Ugh! I hate that. Not the nickname, no, but I hate it when my mother
tries to sweeten a situation Shar or I got ourselves into.  "I know that Ms. Darbus has explained to us her reasoning for your sudden rotten grades, but I get the feeling there's something bothering you, and that something is the reason for your grade change."

I inwardly groaned. See?! Mom can see right through me! But, could she..? No way! There's absolutely no way she could've found out about my newfound crush on Sharpay! (Uh, did I forget to mention that, too? I can't remember.)  I sigh and divert my eyes off of my mother, and onto the floor.

This time, it is Mom who sighs, and I can tell that she and Dad are silently agreeing that Mom and I talk privately in the room Shar and I share. "Ducky," she whispers, putting a comforting hand on my own, which was resting comfortably upon the armrest on the chair I was sitting in. "Would you like to tell me what's been bothering you? Why you're suddenly getting a failing grade?"

I smile and nod, giving Dad a silent apology with my eyes. He nods, and Mom and I walk out of the room,
into the foyer and main hallway, and up the stairs to the room I share with Sharpay.

                                   *End To The Flashback*


Well, after that, I told Mom about my sudden feelings for *ahem* ..you-know-who, and she told Dad, and surprisngly, they both took it..very well. I swear, I was so shocked! I thought that they'd be, like, mad or something, y'know? Wow..I can't believe it..wow. Oh, sorry. I'm starting to repeat myself, aren't I? Sorry. I forgot to mention that (I know, I know, no surprise, right?).

Anyway, shortly after I confessed to having feelings for Sharpay to our parents, Troy broke up with her when she found out that he was cheating on her with the captain of the cheerleading squad. Ironic, no? I thought so! After their bitter break-up, Sharpay had changed. Everyone did. I was the only one who stayed the exact same. Well, except for the sparkly, expensive, fashionable clothes and hats Shar got me from Armani, and other expensive clothing stores. To make Shar happy, I also changed my attitude at school just as she did.
Everyone who were our friends now feared and hated our icyness, our good grades, our sparkly clothes, but most importantly our new positions as Darbus's co-presidents. Now when we walked through the classrooms and the hallways, people hated us, people loved us, people envied us. But they were also confused. I could hear their whispers as we brushed past them: "Oh my god, is that the Evans twins?!" and "Oh my gosh! Did you hear about Troy and Sharpay's nasty break-up?! Turns out, he was cheating on her!" and lastly, "Oh my gosh! What happened to them?!".

So, from that day on, my secret love for Sharpay grew as much as our status of Ice Prince and Princess did. So did the Wildcats' hate for us, and our hate for them.

Then, - well, let's skip a few years, shall we?  Okay, good. Then, suddenly, it was our junior year. Our year as 11th graders.  Shar and I were unbeatable! No, we were unstoppable! Or, so we thought. And, you guessed it - in comes the Einstein-ette herself, Gabriella Montez! As it turns out, Bolton and Montez seemed to've met before, but they continued to deny it as the truth slowly unraveled itself - they DID know each other! They've met before! The question is: where? Could they've possibly met over the winter break, not knowing that they would be attending the same school? The answer to that is: yes.  And it seems as if though Montez is Bolton's new love interest - ouch! Shar wasn't too happy about that. So, I did what any ten-
minutes older twin brother would do for their slightly younger twi sister: I followed along with her sneaky plan to win our spots in the musical back - as well as Troy's heart. 

And, as it turns out, our plan failed. The "Status Quo" was broken, everyone was friends again, Troy found someone new, Sharpay was more heartbroken than before, and I was heartbroken because Sharpay was.
And of course you know the details of what went on the first half of this summer, so I really don't think that incident needs to be repeated.

So now, Sharpay has broken things off with Zeke, claiming that he was too boring and had a brain full of nothing but melted chocolate. Haha! Melted chocolate. Good one, sis! Anyway, Shar broke up with Zeke,
still doesn't know how I feel about her, and is still having a hard time giving Gabriella and the others a second chance. My bet is that she's still sore from losing Troy to Gabriella and hate the others because of what happened a few years back. Oh, well. She'll learn to forgive them. I know she will. After all, Sharpay ALWAYS bounces back up after a defeat, no matter what.

"Ryan," I hear Chad, I think it is, calling my name but I'm just too caught up in my thoughts right now.

"Ryan!," It's Gabriella now who calls out, but I'm still too distracted to even notice, or care.

"RY-AAAAAANN!," Oh, no. I know that streched out yell of my name. It's Sharpay! But, what is she doing here? Hasn't she always told me how much she's always hated the Wildcats and want nothing whatsoever
to do with them?  I quickly shake out of my thoughts and smile, rubbing my ear in mock-pain. "Ow!," I say teasingly. "Geez, Shar! No need to yell when I'm right here!"

"Whoops," she repiles with fake-sympathy, complete with her fasely-sweet smile. "Sorry, Ry."

I nod my head unconvincingly. "Uh-huh."

Shar then rolls her eyes. "Oh, whatever! Just..hurry up so we can get home quicker! I wanna be home on time! Mother and Daddy said they wanna talk to us about something!"

I nod, wondering what it could be about.  Nodding my good-bye to the Widcats, I follow Shar outside the clubs' gate and towards our car, where it sat, waiting for us at the entrance to the club.





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08 April 2008 @ 04:25 pm

Hello to anyone who is reading this!! :)  Since this is my first time posting here on my journal on LJ,  I figured,
"Oh, hey, what the heck! Why not make a preview for a Rypay ficlet I'm planning on making?"  So, yeah. And, just so you know, I'm going to be posting the ficlet here in my journal, too. I just can't right now because I go to school during the week, so maybe I'll do it during the weekend. Sounds okay? I hope so. Anyway, hope some of you will enjoy the preview!! :)


What if....

(Shows Shar & Ry in seperate shots)

Everything they've known...

(Shows them hanging out with the Wildcats)

Wasn't really what they thought they knew?
What if..they suddenly had feelings for each other?

(Shows a shot of Ryan looking lovingly at Sharpay, then looking away when she smiles at him)
(Shows another shot of Sharpay doing the same thing Ryan did)

Will they ever get the courage to confess?  
If they do, what will their friends think of them?

("I love you, Ryan. I always have..and I always will. Troy never meant anything to me. I dunno, I guess it was all a way to get you to notice how I feel about you.")  --  Sharpay Evans

("Shar, I don't care what the others might say. I don't care if it's illegal. I don't care if I ever get taken away from you. I love you so much, Shar. And that will never change. Never.") -- Ryan Evans

("Whoa...!"  --  Troy Bolton is heard saying in High School Musical 2)

(Gabriella is seen nodding her head in approval. "It's okay. I'm totally okay with it. Most twins, fraternal and identical, end up having romantic feelings for each other. Just, please be careful, okay?")

("I KNEW something was up between you two!," Kelsi says to Ryan. She smiles. "I always knew it was bound to happen anyway. I wish you guys the best of luck!")

("Wait..what's 'twincest', again?"  -- Chad Danforth and Jason Cross.)

(Taylor is seen shaking her head with a small smirk slowly creeping. "I always somehow knew she liked someone more than Troy or Zeke. Whoever knew it'd be her own twin brother?")

(Zeke is seen wiping tears from his eyes, but he is smiling. "I'm glad you found what you've been lookin' for, Sharpay.")

(Sharpay and Ryan are seen with one arm around each others' waists, and they're smiling nervously. "We..that is, Ryan and I, ..we have something important, no something BIG to tell you.")


Zac Efron as Troy Bolton
("Whoa! Oh, my.. What..what the- ..what are you two DOING?!")

Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez
("It's okay. Just be careful, alright? Please?")

Corbin Bleu as Chad Danforth
("What's 'incest'? Is that, like, science speak for 'bug'?")

Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie
("Ahaaaa! I KNEW it! You two are..")

Ryne Sanborn as Jason Cross
("What's 'twincest' mean? Wait..is that, like, computer-speak or somethin'?")

Olyesa Rulin as Kelsi Neilson
("It's okay, Ry. I'm behind you guys 110% . I believe in both of you. Break a leg!")


HIGH  SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 (My Version!) : The Story Of Two Twins Who Fell In Love/ The Story Of Two.

Coming Soon To A Computer Screen Near You!!


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