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(The Rest Is Still) Unwritten

My Journal

19 May 1992
I am: Crazy, spontaneous, wild, fun, tame, lovable, joyful, amusing. I'm...ME! I just like to have fun & be myself! Peace, love, happiness. Live, laugh, love. <3 xoxo
alan rickman, alice in wonderland (2010), alice/hatter, alice/hatter (tarrant hightopp), alicia keys, anal, anal sex, anime, ashley tisdale, ass, avril lavigne, bdsm, beastiality, bellaxjacob, bestiality, big tits, bondage, boobs, buzz/woody, buzzxwoody, condom, condoms, corsets, cum, cum-shots, cumming, cyber sex, cybering, daniel radcliffe, dasey, daughtry, deviantart, dick, dildos, dirty-talk, disney, dom/sub, drake & josh, drake bell, dylan & cole sprouse, edward/bella/jacob, edwardxbella, facebook, fake incest, fisting, food masturbattion, food-masturbation, food-play, fop, foreplay, fran/max, fran/maxwell, gays, girls, girls having sex, girls kissing, girls swapping spit, group sex, guys, harry & hermione, having sex with food, hey arnold, high school musical, hsm, ice-play, imvu, incest, jacksannah, jacob/nessie, jafar, jafar & jasmine, jalex, johnny depp, king julien, lesbians, livejournal, locketshipping, lucas grabeel, master/slave, masturbating, masturbating with food, masturbation, miley cyrus/hannah montana, milfs, mobiumshipping, moresomes, mother/daughter incest, nc-17/r-rated stuff, nickelodeon, open to almost everything, oral sex, pee, pee-play, phone sex, piss, piss-play, piss-shots, playboy, pokemon, porn, pro-ana, pro-anorexia, pro-bulimia, pro-mia, pussy, puzzleshipping, rape, raven-symone, rocketshipping, rypay, safe sex, sex, sex slaves, skipper/julien, slash, sluts, smut, sparrabeth, spit, spit-fetish, spitdroolkissing, spitkissing, sub, swan princess, swapping-spit, tabloidshipping, team switzerland, the nanny, the penguins of madagascar, threesomes, tits, toy story, toy story 2, toy story 3, troypay, twilight, vibrators, water-play, whores, wizards of waverly place, women, yami/tea/yugi, yaoi, yuri